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I was so angry and jealous about this hot Raven Lyra. She was my best friend and now she had taken my boyfriend away from me. I had hurt me so much and I decided for some punish young sexy teen with her.

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I called her over the other day and asked her why she did that. I really hated the fact that she was so rude and It was my time to show who I am. I undressed her forcefully and choked her while she sucked my vagina so hard. I then took my strapon dildo and started fucking her with all my anger and frustration in hot lesbian sex action. I then had made her squirt and indeed she had learnt her lesson so good for breaking my heart.

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This naughty blonde Nickey Huntsman, had cheated both my friend and me over another guy. We were so angry about it and were planning for some ficking teens. So one day, we had brought her to my place to talk things out and sort it. Me and my friend immediately took our cock out and started making her deep throat it. She hesitated at the first place but started enjoying it so well.

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I could see her pussy was so wet and it was ready for our cock to get inside. I then asked my friend to lift this slut up and fucked her so hard and did the same when my friend fucked her. At last we had both cum on her face and gave a good revenge.

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My wife always tells me that I am a strict dad. Of course, I am and I know it but my daughter hates me for that. One day, while I was checking my daughters room I found this note in which all the shitty things were written about me.

I got so angry and I had planned for punish teens act. As soon as my daughter got home, I pushed her towards the couch and locked her hands and made her deep throat my cock. She hesitated at the first but got passion horny as she did it. I then fucked her hard when my wife was not there and made a facial cumshot on her and asked her not to repeat this again, so did she promise.

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I loved my girlfriend so much and I trusted her as much as I had loved her. But she broke my trust by sleeping with another guy. This act of hers made me so angry and I planned for some punish teens. I had called her home the other day, and asked her to explain this. What got me even more angry was she pretended as if nothing wrong has happened.

I lost my cook and tore her dress open, pushed her to the bed and started fucking her. As a part of punishment, for the first time, I fucked her in the ass which she couldn’t control the pain. I had some good BDSM sex and all gave all my anger and frustration on fucking this brunette slut.

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My secretary’s mistake had brought my company to meet its crisis. I was so angry at her and wanted to do some punished young girls. When asked about it she felt really sorry for her mistake. But just sorry can’t do anything, it can’t bring my profits back.

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So I pushed her towards the wall and as a part of punishment I fucked this young brunette Kimberlee Anna so hard. I had all my frustration on to this and choked her so hard while I fucked her. I couldn’t control my anger and started slapping her ass as I fucked. Later I had to cum all over her and then I had got her fired. This slut learnt a good lesson.

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I was so angry at my step-sister as well as jealous for sleeping with my best friend the other day. I was waiting for a good time for punish young babes. One day when mom and dad weren’t around I took the opportunity to teach this slut a good lesson. I had locked her up inside my room and undressed her forcefully. She did understand that I was jealous and accepted my punishment.
I had her deep throat my big sausage cock so hard and I fucked her for couple of hours straight. I had put in all my jealousy into this act and taught her a good lesson. She then promised me she won’t repeat it and would have fun with me whenever dad and mom weren’t there.

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Me and my best friend wanted to teach my tiny teen wife a good lesson for cheating on me with my boss. I explained him the situation and he asked me to do some punish teens. This natural blonde Sydney Cole, not only once but many times slept with my boss. This made me real angry but before giving divorce I and my friend wanted her to learn a lesson.

When she got home from work, we had choked her and had her deep throat us. We then fucked her so hard that she was shouting out of pain. Her shouting made me real happy and continued to fuck her like a slave until we had her facialized. My wife did learn a good lesson and now I am happily divorced.

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I was so angry at my step-daughter for flunking in her exams and hiding it from me. I wanted to teach her a lesson so I had planned for some teens grtting punished act. I was waiting for the right time.

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One day, when my wife was not home I took this opportunity to fuck her ass real hard. I had slid my cock into her mouth and chocked her with my cock. I then had tied up her hands and fucked her hard like a slave in her pussy as well as her ass. I had then cum on her face and when asked she replied she was sorry and never would she hide anything from me here on. I taught my step-daughter a good lesson.

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I was so angry at this innocent brunette teen Blair Summer as she did no work and while away her time by talking on the phone in my office. She didn’t understand how much loss she would bring to my company and I wanted to teach a good lesson to her by the punish teens act.

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I called her inside my cabin and wanted her to explain about it. She was defending herself a lot and this made me get pissed off more. I then gave this brunette teen a BDSM hardcore punishment and fucked her so hard like a slave. All my anger was released by this good BDSM fuck and then she felt sorry. But I had no other go than to fire her off.

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Submissive teen Maddy Rose, was a boxer and her master had high hopes on her for the upcoming world woman’s title match. The match began and unfortunately she had lost it. This stabbed all her masters wishes and dreams and destroyed it. He became so mad about this and took her to his basement and forcefully tied her around the rope.

Her master then fucked her so hard until she was bleeding heavily. He didn’t stop even then, she was spanked and controlled by her master. He became even more mad and started to hit her hard while she was getting fucked in her ass. She cried a lot and felt so sorry. But her master didn’t want to let her go until he had cum so hard on her and made her realize how bad he felt.

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